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Nau Mai Logo
Nau Mai Logo
Nau Mai Co-working Space
Nau Mai Lounge
Nau Mai Kitchen
Nau Mai Entrance
36 Bryce Street, Hamilton, New Zealand

Nau Mai is New Zealand’s most accessible co-working community for creatives, freelancers, & startups. The shared office space we’ve designed is truly unique, and built to provide you, and your clients the inviting, creative and professional environment you expect. More than shared offices, Nau Mai is a community that enables all new and small business owners to grow and succeed. Our goal is to support you to achieve your aspirations – set new ones – and go again. We start this by providing an environment packed with great people, professional facilities, and events to inspire and learn – what we do better is strip back the costs but retain the quality! We want you to make Nau Mai your business home!

Each workstation is well provided for with plenty of space which takes the hassle out of starting up. Sharing office space is more sociable and enjoyable than going at it alone – coming to work should be fun?! Come and work with us and do amazing things with other great people!

Nau Mai Logo 2 years ago
Nau Mai Logo 2 years ago by IanMusson
Nau Mai Entrance 2 years ago
Nau Mai Kitchen 2 years ago
Nau Mai Lounge 2 years ago
Nau Mai Co-working Space 2 years ago
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